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Protecting Your Business, Your Family and Your Legacy.

Kira Doyle Law is made up of experienced St. Petersburg estate planning & probate attorneys dedicated to helping clients protect their personal and business assets and preserve and grow their wealth for their families' future. Our firm is focused on supporting our clients to reach their goals in all aspects of their lives. In addition to estate and legacy planning, we provide business and real estate services, as well as closing and title services for both residential and commercial properties. Kira Doyle Law offers premier legal services combined with a personal touch to provide a customized legal experience to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and small businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area and within Florida. 

Leave A Legacy That Matters

At Kira Doyle Law, we believe estate planning is not just about transferring your financial assets and personal belongings, it’s also about capturing and transferring your treasured intangible gifts: who you are and what is important to you, your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets.

After you are gone, your loved ones will miss you deeply. They will long for your words of advice, love, and concern. Hearing your voice again would be a tremendous gift. Most of us don’t think about recording a message or a video for our loved ones, or even writing a simple letter to our families letting them know how we truly felt about them.

We realized we could build this into our planning process and not make it just another thing that will get done someday. Through our firm’s unique planning process, you can give your loved ones the most precious gift – a lasting expression of your love. This gift, known as the Leaving A Legacy Interview, will allow you to share your values, beliefs, stories, and experiences with your loved ones, which will create a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Grow Your Business and Build Wealth

As a boutique firm that is focused on individualized service, Kira Doyle Law takes a holistic approach to our clients' goals. We take a step further than traditional estate planning, and we work with you to help you achieve your business and personal goals. Whether you want to start a business, expand your existing business, buy or sell real estate, or resolve conflicts that arise in business or real estate matters, our experienced St. Petersburg attorneys are here for you. 

At Kira Doyle Law, we make it our business to support you to achieve your goals. Our customized legal services are designed to fit your individual needs. We go above and beyond to provide high-quality, unique legal solutions just for you. 

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Our background and experience allow us to merge the benefits of the big, expensive firms with the personal care, flexibility and affordability that can only be found in a small firm setting. We are committed to providing each of our clients with the personal attention and respect they deserve in representing their individual needs. Contact our St. Petersburg estate planning, probate, business, and real estate attorneys today! 

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We truly connect with our clients for life. We anticipate positive and negative outcomes that you may encounter in your life. We empower you to create your reality instead of reacting to someone else’s reality.
We take a holistic approach, meaning you receive individualized attention. Always. We innovate by whiteboarding with you, strategizing with you, and thinking outside the box for your family and your business. 
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