Hot Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

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Fun fact: Most home sales occur during the summer. This is generally the case throughout the United States, even in Florida where snowbirds may be back home for the season. Buyers are plentiful because kids are out for the summer and parents are attempting to secure a new home before the next school year begins. Additionally, buyers typically have more time to search for a home during the summer months when it is more common to take time off from work. 

There is also the case for what a beautiful summer day looks like — cloudless and bright with fragrant budding flowers and blooming grass — and exactly what is aesthetically appealing to a potential buyer. 

You may decide that now is the time to list your home and, if so, we recommend following our suggestions to attract buyers and get your home sold quicker. 

Keep the air conditioner on 

It is important to keep your property cool and comfortable to the interested parties coming to view your home. Remember that we are in Florida, where temperatures skyrocket during the summer months. If your home is hot and humid, it can immediately become unattractive to potential buyers. 

If you are not currently occupying your home, feel free to keep your A/C off, then simply turn on your unit and set it to an appropriate temperature a handful of hours before any viewings. 

Think about how refreshing it feels to step into a place that is significantly cooler than the outside area you just came from. Make your home a welcome respite from the heat. 

Bonus tip: Use scents! The fact that we live in such close proximity to the beach can be used to your advantage. Infusing your home with the smells reminiscent of summer and the beach can serve to subconsciously remind your buyers that they are in paradise. 

Offer refreshments 

Backpacking on the importance of a buyer’s comfort level, a refreshing beverage does wonders for someone who has spent the better part of their day in the heat, visiting homes for purchase. 

Your house can stand out if you have a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade ready for potential buyers. Not only would you be quenching thirst, you will also set the visits up to last longer. Studies show that by supplying food and/or drinks, potential buyers immediately feel more comfortable and take their time checking out all of the positive attributes of your home. 

Remember the importance of curb appeal 

We all know that grass needs to be tended to more often during the summer months so put a practice into place to make sure it gets done. An unkempt lawn can send the signal that the home is uncared for and unloved, despite what it may look like inside. The general rule of thumb is to mow your lawn once per week during the hotter months of the year. Remember to keep trees and hedges trimmed in a manageable and aesthetically pleasing way.  

While you are at it, it may do you well to repaint your front door for a fresh look, check out your mailbox to make sure it is free of obvious disrepair and clean your gutters.  

Keep up the maintenance of your pool area 

It is not uncommon for Florida homes to have pools and, more importantly, out of state buyers typically do assume that Florida is full of homes with this feature, and it remains a huge selling point.  

Whether this is something your buyers are actively searching for, or is a pleasant surprise once they view your home, you will want to make sure your pool area is well maintained. Doing so will get you one step closer to painting a picture for your buyers of how they can utilize your home. Plus, who would not feel the draw of a glistening, clean pool in the Florida heat? 

Declutter your home 

How can you easily make a home feel spacious and welcoming? Declutter it! You do not necessarily have to spend days and weeks organizing your space; instead, there are plenty of “quick fix decluttering” resources on how to improve the look of your home without touching every nook and cranny. 

By performing this task, you can keep your buyer from becoming distracted by your belongings while at the same time making it possible for them to picture their own personal effects in the space. 

Remember what season we are in 

For maximum appeal, your home should reflect the season. In the summer, think about placing bright colored flowers on a kitchen island or dining room table and replacing wall art and figurines with alternates that will remind one of carefree living. You can also consider fresh herbs on a kitchen windowsill. 

Finally, even if you were to follow all of the tips in this post, there are the logistics of contracts and closings. Our number one tip is to get your documents prepared or reviewed by a real estate attorney. Selling your home can be complex; call on the knowledgeable attorneys at Kira Doyle Law for assistance with your interests and legal rights during a real estate transaction.  

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