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Business Owners May See Potential Windfall from New Tax Bill

Due to its highly touted “business friendly” nature, the new Republican tax bill, which recently passed both the House and Senate, has been highly anticipated by many business owners. This bill is known as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” both the House and Senate versions reduce tax rates, adjust tax structures, and revamp tax benefits for businesses to stimulate economic growth.

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Avoid These 5 Common Start-Up Legal Mistakes

It seems that everywhere you look a new start-up is trying to make it big with a game-changing idea. But it’s only the ones that can turn that idea into reality that reach business success. Too many start-ups fail to make the transition from idea to execution or encounter major setbacks along the way. In the midst of developing your growing start-up, don’t make the common mistake of disregarding tedious, but vital tasks such as making sure all your legal, insurance, financial and tax ducks are in a row.

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Can I Get Out Of A Lease If The State Refuses To License My Business?

Many times real estate and business litigation happens because one or both parties to a transaction fail to get all their legal ducks lined up beforehand. If you sign a commercial lease, for example, you need to make sure your business has, or can obtain, all of the necessary permits before you open your doors. A landlord may not let you out of your lease just because you run into regulatory roadblocks.

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Avoid These Six Mistakes To Keep Your Company In Good Standing

1. Neglecting to file the proper paperwork with the state. Alabama and Ohio are the only two states that do not require owners of an LLC or corporation to file an annual report. You can download the proper form on your state’s secretary of state office website and find out when it is due each year. In addition, any changes to your LLC or corporation will require you to file an Articles of Amendment form.

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