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Common Forms of Property Ownership in Florida

In reviewing or establishing title to real estate, it is helpful to understand the various options for property ownership in Florida. If you are purchasing a residential or commercial property with someone else, such as a spouse or business partner, you need to make sure that the form of ownership you select is reflected in your title documents, notably your deed. Likewise, you need to ensure the seller holds proper title and that there are no co-owners or other individuals with separate rights or claims that need to be considered.

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Can I Get Out Of A Lease If The State Refuses To License My Business?

Many times real estate and business litigation happens because one or both parties to a transaction fail to get all their legal ducks lined up beforehand. If you sign a commercial lease, for example, you need to make sure your business has, or can obtain, all of the necessary permits before you open your doors. A landlord may not let you out of your lease just because you run into regulatory roadblocks.

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