St. Petersburg Estate Planning Forms

To be prepared is half the victory. Our St. Petersburg estate planning attorneys will help you prepare for your estate planning with easy navigable forms to help you identify what is important to you and your family.

Estate Planning Worksheets

Although you should not spend an inordinate amount of time gathering the information, we have found that having this data available at the initial conference greatly aids both us and the client in focusing on estate planning issues. Of particular importance is the family information and at least rough estimates of the requested financial information, including the specific ownership of each asset. Although this covers a lot of information, it is necessary to the planning process and, perhaps more importantly, its completion at the outset enables us to keep costs down for you.


Family Legacy Questionnaire

We have created a Family Legacy Questionnaire to guide the process of your Leaving a Legacy project. We recognize that you have important values, insights, stories and experiences that are unique to you and your family. You can request your Family Legacy Interview by contacting us and get started in passing on your most important assets – your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets.


Free Designation of Health Care Surrogate

Appointing a Health Care Surrogate is an important step toward assuring that your health care decisions will be made by someone you’ve appointed to make those decisions during any period of your incapacity. Download this free Designation of Health Care Surrogate today to help you get started.


Free Living Will

The Living Will is a statutory form, used to state your wishes regarding the use of life-sustaining measures if you become terminally ill. The Living Will works with the Designation of Health Care Surrogate to provide a full set of directions to your physician. Download this free Living Will today to help you communicate your health care wishes.