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It’s Time to Review Your Estate Plan


October 20-26, 2014 is recognized as National Estate Planning Awareness Week.

It is estimated that over 120 million Americans do not have an up-to-date estate plan. Many mistakenly believe that estate planning is for the wealthy or retired.

Estate planning is for everyone!

Estate planning is an important process that can help protect you, your family, and your assets. Proper estate planning saves you and your loved ones money, passes your assets in the way you desire, provides direction during incapacitation, determines care for your children, and bestows peace of mind.

National Estate Planning Awareness Week is the perfect time to make sure your affairs are in order in the event of sickness, an accident, or untimely death.

If you have an estate plan, a Will or a Trust, now is a good time to review it especially if there have been changes in your life, such as, the buying or selling of your home or business, the addition of a child, or the death or divorce of a spouse. You may also need to adjust beneficiary designations or modify retirement accounts and insurance policies.

At Kira Doyle Law, our relationship with our clients is for a lifetime. If you would like a professional review of your current plan, please contact our office at (727) 537-6818 or to schedule an appointment. Let us help ensure that you, your family and your business are protected.