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Planning for What Happens Last


It’s a morbid topic and most people do not enjoy thinking about death, especially their own death. But you cannot delay the thought forever. At some point in your life you must ask yourself the big question:

How do I want to die?

First, let us be clear that you will not be the first person to live forever and you will most likely die from natural causes. As we age and our health deteriorates, we may require expensive medical care which will, hopefully, prolong our lives.

This is why Estate Planning documents are so important: our loved ones need to know our wishes when it comes to our health. They need to speak for us when we can’t. Don’t make the people you love guess and then live with the memory of that guessing. Our loved ones need to know the extent of care we wish to receive.

But how much care is too much?

Some of us want the full treatment, regardless of the cost. If that’s your choice, make sure to be clear, in writing, that you’d like to spare no expense and invest in every procedure. Then there are those of us who prefer a quiet dignity that spares us and our family pain and trauma.

Whichever way your lean, you need to make your health care decisions known. The sooner, the better! At Kira Doyle Law, we make it easy to prepare the Estate Planning documents you need that will help your loved ones carry out your wishes if you are incapacitated or when you pass away. The end comes whether you plan for it or not. Proper planning merely makes it better.

If every person who reads this sits down with his or her family and talks this through (and then tells a few friends), we’ll make a magnificent dent in the cultural expectation of what happens last to each of us. Kira Doyle Law is here to make sure it is done properly and to ensure that your family has the guidance they need when you can’t be there. Begin your Estate Planning today by calling us at 727-537-6818.