St. Petersburg Probate Attorney

Probate is a legal proceeding in which the probate court assumes jurisdiction over the individually owned assets of someone who has died. This court-supervised process ensures the payment of debts, taxes and administrative expenses, and that the assets of the person who has died are distributed to the beneficiaries in accordance with the instructions written in the person’s will, or to the heirs if there is no will. Our St. Petersburg probate attorneys can assist you with this process by initiating the appropriate probate proceeding based on the person’s assets that they owned at the time of their death. This includes either filing a summary administration or a formal administration to disburse the probate assets to the appropriate beneficiaries and close the estate.

Probate may not be necessary if the person who died had a properly executed and funded revocable trust; however, a trust administration will then be necessary.

When an individual passes away, family members are not only left with grief but also with the task of wrapping up the financial affairs of their loved one. The legal process of closing a person’s estate is referred to as “probate” and is governed by the Florida Probate Code, Chapters 731-735 of the Florida Statutes.  While probate can be complicated, there are many ways to simplify this process so that your loved one’s affairs are settled and any disputes are resolved as efficiently as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about the probate process in Florida or if you have a specific legal matter relating to probate, please do not hesitate to call Kira Doyle Law for more information about our probate services.


Plan Ahead For Probate

During your life, it is important to consider who and what you will leave behind after your death. You do not want to subject your family members to a lengthy and costly probate process, so it is critical to discuss how to plan ahead for probate during your life. There are many ways that an experienced probate attorney can help you prepare to save your family members as much stress as possible.

Perhaps the most important step to prepare for probate is to draft a last will and testament. Without a valid will, your property will be distributed according to Florida intestacy laws and not in accordance with your wishes. A will not only instructs how property should be distributed but also designates a person to serve as the personal representative (also known as the executor) of your estate. This individual should be someone reliable and capable of handling complex tasks to ensure your estate is administered in an efficient manner. A skilled probate lawyer can help you select an appropriate individual and leave them adequate instructions for probate.


Helping You Through The Probate Process

Probate involves many different steps both by the personal representative of an estate and often by beneficiaries of a will. Our probate attorneys can help you with the following steps of probate and more:

  • Submitting a will to the court for probate;

  • Locating property and beneficiaries;

  • Helping to resolve unpaid taxes and debts of an estate;

  • Challenging wrongful creditor claims;

  • Distribution of property; and

  • Closing an estate.

We can also assist you with any complications that may arise during probate and will seek cost-effective solutions for you and your family.


Contact A St. Petersburg Probate Attorney To Discuss Your Situation Today

The probate process in Florida can be complicated, especially if there are individuals who are trying to contest the validity of a will. In addition, you may suspect that certain provisions of a will are not valid and may want to bring a legal claim. Probate and related litigation can require time and money, so you always want to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Having an experienced probate attorney on your side can eliminate much of the stress and cost of the probate process. At Kira Doyle Law, we provide compassionate assistance in this difficult time after a loved one’s death. Please call our office at 727-537-6818 to discuss how our St. Petersburg Probate Attorney can help you today.