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Even the simplest real estate deals can involve unique legal issues. If all the details line up just right, you will enjoy your new home or new business location. But if something goes wrong, your dreams can become a nightmare. To keep your dreams from becoming a nightmare, our St. Petersburg real estate attorneys work with clients at all stages of the purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate, from the negotiation of terms to the preparation of documents, and from the review of title to the closing. We review and prepare all documents necessary to successfully close a real estate transaction, including purchase agreements, deeds, mortgages, notes and financing instruments, restrictive covenants and easements.

Selling or purchasing real estate can be an important milestone in your life. These transactions are complex and rely on many parties to uphold their end of the agreement in order for property ownership to successfully change hands. While many people automatically seek assistance from a real estate agent for their transaction, they do not think to consult with a skilled real estate law firm. This can be a big mistake, however, as real estate transactions involve many different laws and legal principles with which an agent may not be familiar.

In order to best protect your interests and legal rights during a real estate transaction, you should call an experienced St. Petersburg real estate attorney at Kira Doyle Law to learn about how we can help you complete a successful transaction.


Drafting And Reviewing Real Estate Contracts

Like any other contract, a real estate contract is a legally-binding agreement that can be enforced in a court of law. Once you sign an agreement, you are obligated to abide by the promises you make in that agreement, such as selling a home with a clean title or paying the agreed-upon price to the seller. If you do not uphold your end of the bargain, you can be held legally liable for any losses incurred by the other party to the contract. In addition, some contract terms may not adequately protect your rights and require the proper actions of the other party.

You should never sign any type of legal contract without thoroughly reading and understanding all of the terms to which you are agreeing – and a real estate contract is certainly no exception. An experienced St. Petersburg real estate attorney can carefully review your real estate contract or draft an agreement for you, if needed. If any inadequate or unfair terms are found, we can negotiate more favorable terms to ensure that your rights are fully protected as either the seller or the buyer of real estate.


Real Estate Transaction Services We Provide:

  • Review and preparation of sale and purchase agreements for real property

  • Review and preparation of mortgages and promissory notes

  • Review and preparation of lease agreements for residential or commercial properties

  • Review and preparation of construction contracts

  • Assisting with construction lien law requirements

  • Preparation of deeds


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Real estate deals are complicated and often involve a number of laws and a significant amount of money. It is all too easy to overlook something or make a mistake that can jeopardize your entire real estate transaction. Whether you are buying or selling property that is residential or commercial, it is critical to have the guidance of an experienced real estate attorney who is familiar with the relevant laws in Florida. Please call Kira Doyle Law to discuss how our St. Petersburg Real Estate Attorneys can help you at 727-537-6818.