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The Most Important Back-to-School Preparation You Do All Year


If you have minor children, then this will be the most important Back-to-School preparation you do all year. Here’s why…

Did you know that if you’re in an accident, your kids could be taken into protective custody until the police can figure out who has legal authority to take them, even if you’ve named legal guardians for them in your will? That’s because the people who spend time with your kids don’t have that authority automatically.

To make sure your kids are not taken into the care of strangers, even for a minute, you should set up a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan. And you must put in place a well-considered estate plan that ensures your assets are immediately and privately available to your loved ones—and usually, a simple will is simply not good enough.

In the past, you may have been too scared to ask a lawyer what to do, too busy to take care of it, or thought legal planning didn’t apply to you.

I know you are busy and the idea of asking a law firm for help makes your knees knock. You want the straight scoop and someone you trust to help you understand what’s necessary to ensure your family’s cared for in an emergency.

When you and your spouse meet with Kira Doyle for a Family Wealth Planning Session, you will:

  • Choose the right guardians for your kids and avoid making any of the 6 common mistakes most families (and even regular lawyers) make when naming legal guardians.

  • Learn the secret to protecting the money you leave behind from lawsuits, mistakes and divorce.

  • Discover how to leave your loved ones a gift far greater than your money.

  • Learn how to ensure your family never has to see the inside of a court room if anything happens to you.

Call our office today at (727) 537 – 6818 and get started on your Kids Protection Plan.