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Watch Out For This Predatory Phone Scam


Today, even the most careful people can fall victim to phone scams. Claiming everything from free cruise vacations to astonishing tax rebates, phone scammers prey on the financially vulnerable. As scammers become more sophisticated and find clever ways to elude legal consequences, new and convincing scams are on the rise.

A recent phone scam asks unsuspecting callers seemingly harmless questions, such as, “Can you hear me?” to illicit easily recorded “yes” answers that are later used to authorize charges. Some callers who have later denied such charges have even been threatened with legal action, making this one of the most predatory phone scams yet!

Now that you know, tell your adult children and elderly parents what to look out for so they don’t fall victim to a scam like this. Instead of answering “yes” to a “can you hear me” caller, respond with “who is calling” instead.

Once these scams happen, dealing with them is not easy. It can be embarrassing and make you feel as though you should have known better.  Reluctance to seek help can make you an easy victim. That is why it is so important to know where to turn for help if you or a family member has been scammed. Call Kira Doyle Law and allow us to support you during this difficult time. We can assist you in recovering your losses, limiting your future liabilities, and putting effective protections in place for the future.

The truth is, anyone can fall victim to a scam. To really know better, you should never be embarrassed about seeking help. A trusted legal advisor, such as your attorney, can be there to protect what is most valuable to you throughout all of life’s challenges.

At Kira Doyle Law, we provide the support and guidance you need to make sound legal and financial decisions. We can establish robust legal protections to ensure your assets are protected from scams and fraud of all kinds. If you are not already a client, we welcome you to meet with us so that we can help you make the most empowered and informed decisions regarding yourself and your loved ones.

If you have fallen victim to a scam or fraud, or would like assistance in preventing this type of thing from happening to you, please call Kira Doyle Law in St. Petersburg, FL, at (727) 800-3782, to speak with an experienced attorney today!