St. Petersburg Wealth Preservation Attorneys

Most people have financial goals to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their families without their family members having to worry about the future. This is especially true after a person passes away, as they want their financial legacy to live on and provide support for generations to come. However, even if you have wealth during your life, many things can threaten that wealth after your death, such as taxes and creditors. It is essential to carefully plan for the future to make certain your wealth ends up in the right hands.

Wealth preservation is not only for millionaires and billionaires. No matter how much you have saved during your life, you want to know that your savings are adequately protected. At Kira Doyle Law in St. Petersburg, we understand how important your assets and property are to you and your family and we will explore every option and legal tool available to help you protect your wealth. Call our St. Petersburg wealth preservation attorneys today to discuss your options.  


Legal Tools For Preserving Your Wealth

Wealth is the result of hard work, determination, and responsible financial decision-making. You can spend years building your fortune only to have it dwindle quickly if it falls into the wrong hands. To avoid this situation, you should always learn about your legal options to protect the money you have earned, saved, and invested.

Many factors can threaten the value of your estate and you want to plan ahead for any foreseeable threat, including illness and incapacitation. The costs of healthcare can quickly drain your accounts if you do not have a plan for alternative support in place. Some methods that can help you preserve your wealth include:

  • Creating a revocable living trust, a descendant trust, or another applicable type of trust;

  • Ensuring any business transitions are made smoothly with proper buy/sell agreements;

  • Obtaining proper business counseling to prevent financial losses or liability;

  • Charitable giving strategies, including forming private foundations;

  • Protecting inheritances for your children if you have remarried;

  • Strategic gift-giving to protect your assets from taxes;

  • Protecting your assets from creditors whenever possible;

  • Disability and long-term care planning; and

  • Designing and implementing other legal strategies for asset protections.

Wealth protection strategies can vary substantially depending on the nature of your wealth and your familial and professional situations, so we always take a highly individualized approach in every case.


Consult With A Knowledgeable St. Petersburg Wealth Preservation Attorney Today

After working hard to earn and invest your money, you should be assured that your wealth will fall into the right hands after you pass away. At Kira Doyle Law, protecting your assets and property is our number one goal and we can find many solutions to preserve your hard-earned wealth. You want to ensure you have legal advice and guidance you can trust, and you can be certain we will bring all of our knowledge and experience to the table to help you. Our consultations are always confidential, so please call our St. Petersburg Wealth Preservation Attorney for assistance at 727-537-6818 to learn more.